Table of contents

Alcohol policy blog series:

1. Should Canadian’s be warned about the risks of alcohol use?
2. What is the purpose of BC’s liquor laws in 2013?
3. Harm to others: Is alcohol just a private matter?
4. Let’s talk about alcohol-related benefits AND COSTS
5. What contributes to alcohol-related violence and how can we prevent it?
6. Safety issues: Alcohol and…recreational activities?
7. Alcohol in Social Media – how can the liquor laws keep up?
8. Low alcohol content drinks: A threat to Canadian rugged identity or a harm reducing alternative?
9. Helping consumers help themselves? Demystifying Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines
11. Should the BC government be in the retail alcohol business at all?
13. Public opinion and alcohol policy in BC
14. Initiatives for evolving safer public drinking environments
15. What happens now? Reflecting on the BC Liquor Act Review 2013
16. 21st century drinking in BC: more convenience, more government revenue and reduced harms?

Cannabis blog series:

1. The cannabis question: What is happening in BC?
2. A look at cannabis legalization in Colorado, USA
3. The pursuit of a sensible cannabis policy in BC
4. The Unlikely Story of Cannabis Legalization in Washington State
5. The New “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations”: Will they improve access?
6. Nuts and Bolts of Cannabis Regulation in Canada
7. Marijuana, a Friend to Crohn’s Patients Everywhere
8. Cannabis: the Exit Drug
9. Cannabis and psychosis: Is there evidence of causal association?
10. Helping Youth Make Sense of Cannabis
11. Lowering the Risks of Cannabis Use
12. Driving under the influence of cannabis
13. We wish you a Merry Cannabis!

Harm reduction blog series:

1. What is harm reduction?
2. Do British Columbians Support harm Reduction?
3.Why does providing crack pipes to people who smoke crack matter?
4. What are Best Practices for Harm Reduction in Canada?
5. Five numbers that will change how you think about drug overdoses
6. Safer Consumption Services: Controversy Still Dogs a Life Saving Service
7. Why Opioid Substitution Treatment is a good thing
8. Needles in Prison: Where is Public Health Behind Bars? 
9. Abstinence and Alternatives: Alcohol Harm Reduction
10. The Federal Government and Safe Injecting Sites: Why the Ongoing Resistance?
11. E-cigarettes: On the Vapour Trail for Harm Reduction
12. Harm Reduction Comes of Age in Canada, or Does It?
13. Why give alcohol to alcoholics?
14. “Nothing About Us, Without Us”: the inclusion of people with lived experience in harm reduction decisions
15. Victoria’s YES2SCS Campaign: From Evidence to Action
16. “Been There; Done That:” the Necessity of Embedding Peer Leadership and Support in Supervised Consumption and Harm-Reduction Services
17. Should We Ban Drinking at Home?
18. Harm Reduction in BC: We set the pace, but can we keep it up?

Drug Education Series:

1. Why are BC high school students making healthier choices?
2. What is drug education?
3. iMinds: Resources for Today’s Classrooms
4. Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with Substances: A Teacher’s Perspective
5. Must We Punish in Order to Teach?
6. How Peer Education can make Festivals Safer
7. Drug Education Takes Many Forms
8. What Good are Drinking Guidelines if no one Knows About Them?9. Plant the Seeds and See What Grows: Education and Culture Change
10. The Politics of Drug Education
11. Trading Places: Young People Educating Adults
12. Screening: A Further Purpose and Reach?
13. Does Impaired Driving Reflect Impaired Learning?
14. Drug Ed for Parents – It’s about relationships, not facts, stats and scare tactics
15. Supporting Change from the Inside
16. Film-based Classroom Resource Lets Teens Open Up About Cannabis, Choices and Consequences


Sex and Drugs Series:

1. Sex and Drugs Blog Series: An Introduction
2. The Power of Stigma and its Impact on Drug Use among Sex Workers
3. Sex and Drug Education in Schools: Are There Parallels?
4. A Tale of Two “Sex Drugs” among Gay and Bisexual Men
5. Social Space, Sexual Identity and Substance Use
6. Straight to Work
7. Rehabilitating Our Approach to Gay Men Who Use Drugs
8. Gay Men, Sex(uality) and Crystal Meth Use
9. Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Group Sex
10. Trans Language Awareness
11. Sex & Substance Use Among Transgender Gay, Bisexual & Other Men Who Have Sex with Men
12. Tailoring tobacco smoking reduction and cessation interventions with gay men living with HIV

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